What is Touch SettingĀ®?

Touch Setting® is a patented invisible diamond setting technique where diamonds embrace each other for a seamless flow of fire and brilliance. Touch Setting uses round, perfectly cut diamonds that are held together in our patented tension setting process.  Every diamond is carefully selected to match in color, clarity and make and is individually hand set to create an Endless Diamond. Unlike other invisible setting techniques, Endless Diamond does not cut, notch or groove the diamonds to fit together. Endless Diamond uses no internal metal prongs to hold the diamonds.

Endless Diamond Embrace utilizes the patented Touch Setting technique to offer the bride-to-be a truly unique engagement ring.  The Embrace Diamond is created when 10, 12 or 14 embracing diamonds surround a 1/2 ct. or larger solitiare diamond in an invisible setting.

The result is a continuous flow of fire and brilliance!